Where are all the Youth?

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In this article by Marc at 5 Solas, he explores reasons why youth may think church is irrelevant. Great article and definitely something to ponder.

From preschool to the pulpit

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This is a very interesting article for teachers within Children’s Ministry.

Shepherding a Child’s Heart

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This link provides an excellent resource by Tedd Tripp on how to lead your children through the various stages of life.

Sinclair Ferguson Sermons

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I recently found this collection of sermons by Sinclair Ferguson. Such a treasure for the soul, and the ears.

Is “Bullying” a problem in your Family?

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Over the years much as been written on the topic of bullying. This article offers some warning signs and other practical advice on how to handle bullying if it arises in your family.

I am not what I once was

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“Though I am not what I ought to be, nor what I wish to be, nor what I hope to be, I can truly say that I am not what I once was, a slave to sin and Satan. And I can heartily join with the apostle and acknowledge that by the grace of God I am what I am.”

— John Newton

quote from firstimportance.org

Grace Liberates Our Parenting

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Watch this video and see the discussion with Paul Tripp and Elyse Fitzpatrick about how grace impacts parenting.

Kids and Phones

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I saw this article a few weeks ago by David Murray and think it is important for parents to read and contemplate how cell phone usage is effecting children.

Biblical Personal Finance

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This article was sent to me this morning. It is a great reminder to us of how we should handle the resources God has given to us.

Children’s Bible Reading Plan

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David Murray has developed a great resource for parents to use in the home for guiding children to read the Bible on a daily basis. The link is provided below. Check it out.

Bible Reading Plan