The Importance of Bible Memorization for Children

I think all of us would agree that memorizing God’s Word is vital to the spiritual growth of our children. The question is, “How do we help our children make scripture memorization a consistent part of daily life?” And just as important is, “How do we help our children understand the verses they memorize?”

I have to be honest, even though we have Awana at Harlan Baptist and our children are learning verses, I often wonder, “Do they really understand what they are reading?” My fear is that they are “temporarily” learning verses with little or no thought about its meaning. Does anyone else feel this way? Well if you do, you are now accountable to help fix this problem. The first thing I want every parent to do is to read this article. Once you have read the article, implement it into your family life. It’s time our children start understanding what they are memorizing.

I also want all Awana workers to ask questions like, “What does this verse mean?”, when the children bring you their handbook to say a verse. Help them understand some of the key words in the text. I know handbook time is busy and time goes by fast. Please slow down and explain to each child the verse they are learning. I don’t want our children to memorize words on a page, I want them to memorize God’s Word.



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