Middle School Students and Dating

I’ve seen this article posted several times over the last few days and finally had a chance to sit down and read it. It’s worth the time to read it and to contemplate on what is being said. I think everyone would agree that parenting is tough, but so is being a kid today. Our children are confronted with so many more temptations than we ever thought about as children. The danger is to think to ourselves, “Well, I dated in Middle School and I turned out ok.” While this may be true, I believe your child has faced far greater temptations than you did at their age. I also believe that, as parents, we all want the best for our children. The problem is, how do we know what’s the best? Based on this article, I would have to agree with the writer about Middle School students and dating. I just can’t see that it’s physically, emotionally, or spiritually healthy for dating to take place at this age. I realize I may sound like an overprotective dad, and that’s because I am. God has given me the responsibility to raise my daughter and the guide her in the ways His Word says. My friends, we have a battle on our hands. I would encourage you in this way, when you say  “no” to things in the life of your child, try your very best to explain why you have given this answer. “Because I said so!” is not always a good enough answer. Don’t you remember how you felt when you were given this answer as a child? I don’t have all the answers and I’m trying to figure out this parenting thing just like many of you. I do know this, as parents, we better have answers to our kids questions before they ask. If we don’t we are already losing the battle.


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