Why Do Boys Not Like Reading?


I recently reread an article that is several years old by Al Mohler. The concern he had then is an even greater concern now. The concern was the great divide between boys and reading. I can relate to this in a number of different ways. The first being that when I was younger I wanted to do everything else but read. I would find every excuse I could to avoid any kind of reading. Now, as an adult, this isn’t the case. I am constantly reading articles and at least a couple of books. The next way I can relate is that just this past week, while working with children on a Sunday night, I asked the question to a group of children if they like to read. Just about every girl raised their hands affirming their love of reading. The boys were less enthusiastic, to say the least. In most cases, boys interact more with video games than they interact with a book. It is of vital importance that parents start from an early age instilling the love of reading to boys. The Bible is often overlooked when it comes to reading because the excuse is made, “It just has so many words and not enough pictures.” The Bible has a tremendous amount of boy related stories. Stories of war, of battle, and of adventure. Sadly, most boys are fulfilling that need of adventure in video games and not the Bible. Boys need to be taught that the real hero they are seeking after is not themselves as the defeat enemies on a video game but Jesus Christ who defeated the real enemy of this world. No matter how many times you read the Bible, Jesus always wins. Their is no greater hero we need than Jesus. Whether it’s video games or sports or anything else, we tend to try and make ourselves the hero. When this is our intent we set ourselves up to be an idol. It’s time for us to step away from whatever it is that is separating us from God’s Word and realize that all we need is Jesus Christ.


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